Joe?...balloon artist?

Where the story began....


Who is Joy Joe?

joy joe with a child holding a balloon joy joe with a child holding a balloon

Passionate Balloon Artist in Brisbane

I learned the balloon twisting skill when he was at University. I actually joined a Magic Group as I wanted to learn some magic tricks. At that time, I volunteered helping children's assignments. Children love me as I always shows them new tricks.

One day, my magic teacher taught me a new trick, which uses the balloon puppet dog to find an audience choosen card! I then fell in love with this new talent.

Ten years ago, I thought that maybe make balloon animals for parties is a good idea. I decided to turn my passion into a business. Now, I have been to many birthday parties and Cooperation evennts. Looking forward in seeing you!

How I improve my skills

Iactually join Balloon Artist College to upgrade his magic power. Yes! There is a Balloon Artist College. It teaches advanced balloon desgins and the priciple of creating your own designs. I also attend local artist meetup to make friends with other artists. And share the information of the balloon making trend.

What I love about twisting balloon at birthday parties?

Hey! When I first started I was suprised by wathcing kids hitting horse toy. Yeah, I now know it's called Piñatas. In my country, Taiwan, we don't have this kind activites. I feel I am belessed as I am able to see how different cultures celebrating their birthday parties. I have tried different food and desserts. Plus, I also enjoy wathcing the little happy faces when they get my balloons.

Celebrate this special moment


Contact me

Joe Joy Balloon Twisting:
34 Bruna Street, Runcorn, 4113
Brisbane, QLD