How Balloon Twisting Expert Entertains Everyone In The Event

Before the Event

I am super approchable and responsive

If you need to change time or location, simply text me and I will check his calender and get back to you as soon as possible. I will double check with you 3 days before the event to make sure everything is correct. Once I arrive the event location, I will confirm the location about where I setup.( Avoid in direct of sunlight, right beside DJ, no space for a line to form). I also understand the traffic in Brisbane is difficult to predict. So I will aim to arrive 10 minutes before the event starts. No confirmation is too much, I would like to dobule check the price, location and start time is 100% correct.

Prepare For The Performance

Preparation is the key

As a balloon twisting artist, I stock up different kinds of balloons. You can almost tell if the balloon twisting artist is professional by looking his gears.

Balloon Equipment And Materials

balloon twisting menu

As a professional balloon twister, Joe has invested in the best tool and materials so we can have safe and fun experience. Joe uses Electric pump to speed up his balloon twisting process, which allows him to make more complex designs. It also reduce the risk of spreading bacteria, which is more important after COVID-19

Joe primarily uses Sempertex balloon for all his balloon animals. Sempertex balloons are made of natural latex from the rubber tree. They are free of TMTD, with no plasticizers, fillers, or cost-reducing agents.

Start Balloon Making for your party

Kids can pick balloon animals from the menu

Joe provides 32 amazing balloon animal designs on his menu including Hello Kitty, Spider-man, Pikachu and more. Kids can lineup and watch Joe making their balloon sculptures. While Joe is twisting the balloon animals, the other kids can choose their balloons from the menu. They know what they will get and this make the waiting time shorter. Joe can twist around 12~20 balloons per hour.

Kids love watching the art of balloon twisting

Finally, The Wonderful Balloons Animal Designs!

Watch The Happy Faces

I always surprises my clients with my amazing baloon making skills.

Joe was such a crowd pleaser at my daughters 1st birthday, all the kids (age range 1-7yrs) and adults were delighted with his balloon creations! Very engaging, friendly and he even created a custom number balloon sculpture for the occasion, accessorised with a balloon fox in keeping with the birthday theme! I had a few parents asking for his details! His balloon creations provided the perfect entertainment, the kids were all eagerly lining back up for more! Highly recommended! Thank you for adding that wow factor!


Celebrate this special moment


Contact me

Joe Joy Balloon Twisting:
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