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joy joe and a birthday party boy holding a kangaroo balloon twisting animal

What do we offer?

I will be your party and twisting balloon animals for adults and children. My service areas is 35 km radius from Runcorn,4113. People can pick the design from my customized menu. The service price starts at $130 for the first hour. *Travel fee apply

About JoyJoe, the Balloon Artist since 2014!

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My Balloon Making Services

Balloon Twisting at parties

Joe will be your event and kids can line up to pick the balloons from the menu. There are 32 popular designs available including Hello Kitty, spider-man and Pickachu. Joe will make as many balloons as possible. Depending on the complexity, Joe can make around 15~20 balloon animals per hour.

the price starts at $130 per hour.

Travel fee applies
Information required for booking joe
  • Event date
  • Address
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Number of kids

  • Chair or table (for the Balloon Twisting Kit)
  • Shelter / shade (we can’t be in the sun)
  • Popped balloons may pose a choking hazard to small children. Adult supervision is required at all times. Not recommended for children under 3 years.

Balloon Character - Premade $30

Want to make a speical gift for the birthday kid?

The most popular option along with balloon twisting party. Joe can customzied the balloon character according to your party theme. Joe loves challenging himself. He has made different characters like Paw Patrol, Kirby, Super Mario Brother and more. He will do his research and bring it to your party. Feel free to challenge him and he will suprise you.
Any cartoon character
Just tell Joe what the kid likes, then Joe will do his research to make you an amazing balloon sculpture. Joe has made characters like Monan, Elsa and Anna, Pikachu, Paw Patrol, Spider-man and more. We can also add foil balloon number to make it a balloon bouquet. The sky is the limitation. The most popular option with balloon twisting at party


Balloon Flowers - Premade $70

Thinking about celebrating special events? Balloon Flower is the answer. With Joe's creativity, there are many possible combination to celebrate your special moment. No matter it is a birthday, graduation ceremony or a Valentine's day, Joe can work with you to come up with the best balloon bouquet.

Balloon Number one bouquet with golden foil balloon and fox latex balloon

Balloon Number Bouquet - Premade price start at $80

Speical decoration - suitable for indoor activity

Baloon Bouquet has two parts, the first part is the foil number and the second part is the latex balloon decoration. Foil Balloon has different size and colour available I will then design the rest part to fit your needs. It can be Pikachu, Unicorn and more. The medium size of balloon number is 95*70*70 cm. Different size available.


If you want to add the uniqueness to your birthday party, then this is suitable for you. All of our balloon number bouquet is handmade and customized for you only. I will do my search the design the color calettes add my special touch to it. Good for table centerpeiece decoration

Balloon candy cup with Unicorn animal on top

Balloon Candy Cup - Premade price start at $15

What is the balloon candy cup?

Balloon Candy Cup is a milky shake cup with a balloon character on top. You can fill candy or stationary in side the cup as a birthday takeaway. My customers Good for large number of kids


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